Corporate Club Membership At Balboa Bay Club*

Whether you’re bonding over a business lunch with coworkers or utilizing one of our private meeting rooms, the Corporate Membership is the ideal solution for work and play. Corporate Membership is available to active, on-going operating businesses, and Membership is held in the name of the entity. The entity must designate 1 primary designee, and may designate up to an additional 5 users of Membership privileges. Each user must be an employee, owner, etc. of the entity. All designees will be permitted to use of all the facilities provided by the Balboa Bay Club, and access to all Resort amenities.

Corporate Memberships may not be transferred; however, the entity may change the designated user(s) upon approval by the BBC and payment of a non-refundable re-designation fee (10% of the current price of a Full Membership).

*Memberships are available to both families and individuals. Family use privileges extended to spouse as well as children under the age of 25.


Join Your Friends At The Balboa Bay Club

Membership at the Balboa Bay Club is by invitation only. A current Member who is in good standing with the Club must sponsor prospective Members that are interested in applying. For any further questions about applying for Balboa Bay Club Membership, please reach out by emailing, or call us at 949.630.4110.