Balboa Bay Club Associate Membership

Interested in becoming a Member of our Southern California Waterfront Club? Our Associate Membership allows payments to be made in installments while you enjoy all of the benefits Balboa Bay’s Orange County Club has to offer.

Available to persons under 40 years of age, the Associate Membership allows use of all facilities provided at the Balboa Bay Club as well as access to all Resort amenities. Once the membership fee is paid in full, the Membership becomes a Full Membership and may then be transferred to others upon approval.

The Membership fee to be paid by Associate Members is locked in at the time of application and is paid in installments: 25% paid upon making application with the balance paid in equal annual installments. The number of annual installments is equal to 40 less the age of the applicant.  The age of older spouse will determine eligibility.


Join Your Friends At The Balboa Bay Club

Membership at the Balboa Bay Club is by invitation only. A current Member who is in good standing with the Club must sponsor prospective Members that are interested in applying. For any further questions about applying for Balboa Bay Club Membership, please reach out by emailing, or call us at 949.630.4110.